Rapid-H2O Flood Barrier

Rapid-H2O Flood Barrier

The Rapid-H2O flood barrier is a highly advanced new and innovative flood control system that is extremely easy to deploy and remove from location. Once on site there is no heavy equipment required for full deployment or removal of the barriers thus keeping costs down to a minimum.

Rapid-H2O can be used for rapid emergency response, but it can also buy a community valuable time before they have to commit to a full deployment if there is a potential for flood waters. Unlike sand bags used for flood control the Rapid-H2O system can be set up in a matter of hours and not days.

Play the video below to watch how easily Rapid-H2O is deployed:



Features & Benefits:

  • Reusable, highest quality military-grade steel
  • Reusable hazmat-engineered, multi-layer, polymetric reservoir
  • 1 pallet holds 20 x 5 cell cages while a second pallet holds 100 reservoirs
  • 1 mile of barriers can fit into a 53’ trailer
  • Easy to deploy
  • No heavy equipment required
  • Simple to disassemble and remove
  • No costly cleanup
  • Passes Florida hurricane testing
  • Almost puncture-resistant
  • Store for future use
  • No lengthy and tiring labour process as there is with sand bags
  • Nothing goes to landfill
  • Reduce risk of injury to workers and damage to property


  • Flood protection and water diversion including coffer damming
  • Temporary storage of hazardous liquids including oil, diesel fuel, etc
  • Non-permanent storage of oil absorbents or other contaminated solids
  • Storage of non-potable water required during natural disasters including forest fires
  • Shoreline protection from oil spills
  • Oil spill decontamination and cleaning of equipment
  • Containment barrier for various hazmat spills including toxic water from fires

Available as:

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