Remote Area Lighting

Remote Area Lighting

Pelican™ Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS) are the perfect solutions for illuminating large workspaces, campsites or poorly lit worksites. RALS are transportable, wire free and quiet, and they offer hours of continuous, clean LED light. Pelican™ RALS come with a wide range of features and optional add-ons.


Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS) provide battery powered lighting that are portable and lightweight, providing increased performance and safer working conditions. Now you can leave noisy and heavy generators in the past. Get more than a flashlight. Safety certified lights will keep you safe and moving through hazardous areas. Also, smart features like articulating light heads, battery indicators and Downcast LED Technology, keep you ready for any emergency.


  • Mining camps
  • Field hospitals
  • Command centers
  • Clean-up operations
  • Walkways and perimeter lighting
  • Security checkpoints
  • Construction sites

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Please contact our office for assistance in selecting the right lighting to meet your specifications.