RIT Tarp

Husky® RIT Tarp is a blue 10′ x 10′ tarp that has each corner clearly marked “RIT” (Rapid Intervention Team).

The benefits of its use for designated tool staging include the following:

  • It will contain RIT tools only.
  • Perfect for use in high grass and snow.
  • Having the tarp ensures tool availability. In the city, tools come from the second-due ladder company. The first ladder company uses the tools for the fire. Also, mutual-aid teams respond with four to five trained personnel on apparatus who can carry their own RIT tools.


From custom sizing, to custom labeling and lettering, Husky can make your emergency RIT Tarp to your exact specifications. Need to be able to find your tarp in the dark? Ask about adding our Reflective Edge lining!

Never struggle to see your tarps at night again! The Reflective Edge® is an optional strip of reflective material sewn to the outer edges of the tarps to help firefighters see them more easily at night. When any light is shining its way, The Reflective Edge® acts just like reflective lettering and becomes very visible. Tarps easily disappear at night and in the heat of the moment, drivers have accidentally backed over their equipment destroying it.

Available as:

Part #RIT-1010 – RIT tarp, 10’ x 10’, blue
Part #RIT-88 – RIT tarp, 8’ x 8’, blue