ROC Cling Pads

ROC Cling Pads


The Patent Pending ROC Oil Cling Pads (Rapid Oil Containment) are made from a specially blended polyethylene film laminate. The revolutionary, innovative design of the ROC Oil Cling Pad is configured into 14 x 14 inch, 2 ply (4 surfaces) pads, sealed on all four sides, with perforated holes every square inch. The perforations allow the hydrocarbons to migrate to the interior of the pad.



Each ROC Oil Cling Pad uniquely holds oil in the pad when removed from the water. This process is called ‘adsorb’. The multi-layered, multi-surfaced polyethylene pads are oleophilic (oil attracting) and hydrophobic (water repelling).

The laminate film is an oil-adsorbing poly material that floats on water but will not absorb water.


Each pad adsorbs 20 – 30x its weight in hydrocarbons, holding up to 40% more than conventional pads.


Each pad has perforated holes. When placed on a spill, the hydrocarbons travel across the pad finding the perforated holes. Hydrocarbons migrate inside, covering each ply and all surfaces of the pad.


ROC Oil Cling Pads can be recycled, and the oil collected from pads can be reclaimed. ROC Oil Cling Pads can be stored easily. A package of 250 14″ x 14″ pads weighs less than 2lbs and is only 1″ high.

Available as:

Part #ROC PAD – ROC Rapid Oil Containment Cling Pads, 250/bg – Clearance price CA$25.00/bg