Rubberizer Filtration Media is formulated from modern, non-toxic, non-hazardous polymers capable of very high sorption efficiencies. These products sorb and solidify a wide variety of liquid hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents including paraffins, BTEX, TCE and PCB’s.

Applications include:

  • Plant process water for both re-circulation and discharge

Field uses include:

  • Filtration of bilge water
  • Filtration of parking lot runoff
  • Filtration of small PCB contaminated stream
  • Waste water treatment plant remediation


Available in fine, medium and coarse grades and is packaged in 15 lbs/pail, 50 lbs/box and 125 lbs/drum.

The Rubberizer Oil Sorbing & Solidifying Mats are designed to be deployed in any situation where covering the surface of a body is desirable (ie. in sump pumps, oil water separators, etc.). They can be used as sweeps for fuel pits or on puddles, lakes, rivers, bays and areas of pooling water with oil contamination problems. The advantage of the Rubberizer Mat over a boom or pillow is the large surface areas which the mat covers. The primary advantage of the Rubberizer Mat over the particulate is the control and retrievability of material. They are designed to absorb and solidify up to 3/4 gallon per square ft. of fuels, oils or solvents.

  • Constructed from high-strength fiberglass mesh screen with ribbon loops for tethering.
  • Contain Rubberizer Filter Media as an absorbing/solidifying filler
  • Low maintenance and can be rapidly retrieved and replaced when loaded with oil
  • Standard fill weight is 1 lb of 8-4 mesh Rubberizer Filter Media per square ft. absorption/solidification capacity is approximately 3/4 gallon/sq. ft.

Available in a variety of sizes, which can be combined to fit virtually any situation.