Salarollpump Systems

Salarollpump Systems

The Salarollpump portable pumping system with patented peristaltic pump design features super suction, which enables it to process high-viscous, abrasive, and debris-laden liquids. Developed originally for shoreline/pipeline oil spill cleanup, its durability, unlimited discharge capability and portability make it an effective tool for chemical spills, submerged oil recovery, high-viscous skimmer offloading and industrial, marine and offshore tank cleaning. It is also an alternative to expensive vacuum trucks.

Play the video below to see high viscous suctioning for beach cleanup:


The extremely strong suction (vacuum) and the debris tolerance of 37 mm (1 ½”) solids makes it suitable for pumping debris laden viscous oil. The high discharge pressure makes it possible for liquids to flow through a long distance of hose. The combination of handling weight and portability enables the user to deploy the system in remote areas.


  • Shoreline/Pipeline Oil Spills
  • Chemical Spill Clean Up
  • High Viscous Skimmer Offloading
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Submerged Oil Recovery

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