Series “F” First On Scene Leak Repair Kit

Series “F” First On Scene Leak Repair Kit

For all first responders who are first on an accident scene, the new Kit F-1 has what you need to stop a leak fast. Designed primarily for fuel leaks, this kit contains simple proven items such as wooden plugs with rubber mallet, four sticks of epoxy repair putty, 5 all-purpose absorbent pads, a can of Plug N Dike, a football plug and two golf ball plugs. All come in a handy kit, compact enough to fit on every engine in your department, or staged near fuel storage tanks in plants, airports, etc.

***Important: You must identify and know the chemical you are working with and its compatibility with the neoprene, SBR rubber and stainless/plated steels used in these patch kits.***


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Part #F-1 – First On Scene Leak Repair Kit