Sharps Container

Sharps Container

Sharps containers are a safe place to dispose of used injection and inhalation materials that can spread infection. Sharps containers are made of hard plastic that needles and glass cannot penetrate thus the likelihood of injuries from used needles and broken crack stems is reduced. Appropriate labeling on the containers helps to ensure that the unit is disposed of properly.


A personal sharps container is a safe and convenient means of discarding used needles and crack stems. When used needles and stems are kept on the body or disposed of improperly, there is the danger of unintentional injuries which can lead to the transmission of bloodborne illnesses including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. Place sharps containers anywhere in your business or facility where people may need to safely dispose of used needles.

There are specialist companies that you can pay to have come to your business to remove and dispose of your full sharps containers.


  • Strong and durable puncture resistant construction
  • Two-way safety slot securely grips needle hub and permits smooth, one-handed needle removal
  • Temporary and permanent closures allow for safer transport and reduced risk of tampering and accidental needle sticks
  • Non-Sterile
  • Latex-Free.

Available as:

Part #4800 – Sharps Container, 1 Qt. Yellow