Skid Mounted PumpOut Systems

Skid Mounted PumpOut Systems

Keco’s Skid Mounted Marine PumpOut Systems are custom fabricated to fit your needs.

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Skids can be Installed on Boats, Barges, Golf-Carts, Truck-Beds and Trailers. Our Marine PumpOut skids can be fabricated from Aluminum or Steel and are available with a variety of Tanks, Pumps and Accessories. Most Keco Pumps are available with a Gas or Electric drive and can be configured for Tank overfill protection. Skids are available with tank capacity up to 1025-gallons. Equipment configuration and orientation can be customized to accommodate a pre-existing footprint. Manufactured for the Harshest Environments, Keco’s skid systems are ideal for Marinas, Campgrounds, Dry Storage, Industrial Applications and RV Parks.


-Requires No Infrastructure
-Storage up to 1025 Gallons
-Aluminum or Steel Construction
-Painted or Polyurethane Finish
-Intuitive to Operate
-Low Maintenance
-Overfill Protection
-Vacuum or Pressure Offload

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