Smoker’s Ceasefire®

Smoker’s Ceasefire®

Original Smoker’s Ceasefire® Outdoor Ashtray has a 4 usg (15 l) capacity for cigarette butts and is made with sturdy flame-retardant polyethylene. The ashtray is 38.5” height and 16.5” base diameter, with a 1.5” opening in the head to minimize non-cigarette litter. The base also features tie down notches for extra security and stability during severe weather conditions.

Safe and easy to use, this outdoor ashtray is perfect for outdoor spaces such as entrances, or smoking areas in the workplace, and will keep your establishment looking clean and tidy. With an innovative self-extinguishing design, this ashtray safely collects cigarette butts, reducing the risk of fire and removing the opportunity for butts to litter your business.


The Original Smoker’s Ceasefire Outdoor Ashtray has a large head which dissipates heat from butts and keeps the rain out, avoiding any overflow or water damage. The long internal neck cavity minimizes clogging so that the cigarette butts reach the galvanized steel bucket with ease.

Its internal drip lid prevents tar condensation from escaping the steel bucket and keeping the exterior clean, which is especially useful in environments with high humidity.

To open, simply unscrew the back knob of the ashtray to lift the lid and empty the bucket into the trash.

The Personal Smoker’s Cease Fire is 1 usg in size.

Cease Fire’s come in Deco Black, Pewter Grey, Adobe Beige, Forest Green and Terra Cotta colours.

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Please contact our office for assistance in selecting the size and colour to meet your needs.


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