Smoker’s Ceasefire®

Smoker’s Ceasefire®

Keep your entrances clear of cigarette litter with the Original Smoker’s Ceasefire® Outdoor Ashtray. innovative self-extinguishing design allows it to safely collect butts while reducing the risk of fire.

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The ashtray measures at 38.5 in (978 mm) in height and 16.5 in (419 mm) in outer diameter. An internal drip lid prevents tar condensation from escaping the galvanized steel pail and keeps the exterior clean, which is especially useful in environments with high humidity.

Its lid is made of a flame-retardant polyethylene so there’s no risk of rust, dents or cracks, and the galvanized steel bucket can hold up to 4 gal (15 l) of litter. It features a large head which dissipates heat from butts and keeps the rain out, avoiding any overflow or water damage. But, it is small enough to discourage throwing other litter in it. The long internal neck cavity minimizes clogging so that the cigarette butts reach the galvanized steel bucket with ease.

Maintenance is easy. To open, simply unscrew the back knob of the ashtray to lift the lid and empty the bucket into the trash.

Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your establishment is clean and tidy with the Original Smoker’s Ceasefire Outdoor Ashtray keeping cigarette litter out of the public eye.

Available as:

1gal (Personal Smoker’s Ceasefire)
4gal (Original Smoker’s Ceasefire)

Colours: Deco Black, Pewter Grey, Adobe Beige, Forest Green, Terra Cotta

Optional accessories include:

Handy disposable bucket liners made of aluminum/poly (model 26827), which can be easily twist-tied and thrown away once full.

An Anchoring Cable Kit with Padlock (model 268505) is also available, to offer you extra security with your outdoor ashtray. Simply attach the 36 in (914 mm) wire rope around a railing or fence, then attach the cable end and padlock to a tie-down notch at the base.