Spill Control Funnel

Spill Control Funnel

Eco-friendly Spill Control Funnels fit all closed head 30- and 55-gallon (110 L & 200 L) drums. A low-profile, wide-diameter opening offers a large “target” for quick, easy pouring. Scalloped, sloping design minimizes splash and prevents containers from resting in their own liquids. A large flat well at the throat of the funnel allows for passive draining of paint cans, filters, buckets, and other containers. A molded-in hook makes a convenient way to store optional funnel cover. Made from 100% recycled content.


Funnel for Flammables includes a drum fill vent with a 6″ (152 mm) perforated brass flame arrester. The threaded bung cap seals inflammable vapors under normal storage conditions. In high temperatures, a pressure relief valve opens to protect the drum and prevent an explosion. Flame arrester prevents fire flashback. It also offers vacuum relief by allowing hot contents to cool, protecting against drum collapse.

Available as:

Part #28680 – EcoPolyBlend Spill Control Funnel, non-flammables, 21″ Dia x 3 1/4″ H, 2.5usg
Part #28681 – EcoPolyBlend Spill Control Funnel, flammables, 21″ Dia x 3 1/4″ H, 2.5usg
Part #28682 – EcoPolyBlend Cover for Funnel, 19″ Dia x 3.25″, 4 lbs