Spill Containment Scooter

Spill Containment Scooter

Dispensing and collection activities are some of the most susceptible scenarios for a spill to occur. Protect your plant from incidental drips and leaks while retaining your mobility with the ENPAC Spill Scooter. Four caster wheels easily support the drum while making maneuverability a breeze. It also includes a molded pour spout for easy draining.


Spill Containment Scooters provide secondary containment for incidental spills and drips which often occur during vertical dispensing application. Incidental spills and drips are contained in the well, with a spout for easy draining. Provides you with inexpensive mobile dispensing.

  • Fits all drums up to 55 gallons
  • Made of 100% polyethylene
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant

Available as:

Part #5205-YE – Spill Containment Scooter, 35″ L x 35″ W x 8.75″ H, 25 lbs
Part #5206-BK – Spill Containment Scooter Handle, 36.5″ L x 10″ W, 4 lbs