Specifications: Part # SPL033
Fluids Absorbed: Oils, Fuels & Other Petroleum Products
Dimensions: 5”D x 25’L
Sold as: 4 per case
Absorbency: 28 US gallons / 106 Litres/case
Absorbency Each: 7 gal./each
Weight: 20 lbs/ 9kg/case
Recycled Content: No
UV Resistant: No

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Compared to traditional boom, the SpillBoa Sorbent Barrier:
Takes up 75% less space and is readily storable in tight spots on vehicles, boats and equipment.
Weighs 80% less.
Rolled design allows it to deploy up to 40 times faster.
Flat profile puts more containment power in touch with the surface, preventing spills from escaping underneath.
Layered sheets inside of netting allow for quick and complete absorption of oils.
Polymer rope runs through each, for stringing across bodies of water.
Heavy-duty nylon clips allow you to connect multiple sections.
Saves big bucks by preventing oil spills from spreading into storm drains and waterways.