Oil and fuel spills always seem to happen when you least expect….a leaky diesel tank, a ruptured hyraulic hose, a blown transformer, an overflowing fuel oil tank. What you do in the critical moments after the spill can make all the difference in the world. Your main job is to CONTAIN the spill.

SpillBoa™ sorbent barrier is engineered to put 300% more material in touch with the surface than traditional round boom…stops spills faster & better.


  • SpillBoa® booms take up 75% less space and are readily storable in tight spots on vehicles, boats, and equipment.
  • They weigh 80% less, so they’re faster and easier to deploy.
  • The rolled design allows it to deploy up to 10 times faster.
  • A flat profile puts more containment power in touch with the surface, preventing spills from escaping underneath.
  • Layered sheets inside of netting allow for quick and complete absorption of oils.
  • A polymer rope runs through each boom for stringing across bodies of water.
  • Heavy-duty nylon clips allow you to connect multiple sections.
  • Saves big bucks by preventing oil spills from spreading into storm drains and waterways.


Recommended Uses:

To absorb hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, diesel fuel, gasoline, motor oils, lubricants, and other hydrocarbons while filtering water at the same time.

Do not use for acids and caustics

Who should carry Spillboa?:

Fuel Trucks, Excavators, Garbage Trucks, Bucket Trucks, Pipelines, Firefighters, Compressor Stations, Marinas, Power Plants, Barges, Mines & Quarries, Heating Oil Trucks, Oil & Gas Exploration, Airports, Police Vehicles, Road Building Crews, Cranes, Spill Contractors, Convenience Stores, Substations, Refineries, Railroads, Asphalt Plants, Tow Trucks, Military Fleets, Tank Farms

Available as:

Part #SPL033 – Spillboa Sorbent Boom 5” x 25’, 4/cs
Part #SPL043 – Spillboa Sorbent Boom 5” x 10’, 8/cs