Straw Wattle

Straw Wattle

Straw Wattles are an effective and economical alternative to silt fence and straw bales for sediment control. Consisting of a superior UV-stabilized photodegradable synthetic netting made for high water flow and filled with 100% weed free straw, Straw Wattles are made to filter sediment flow in channels and slopes.


Straw Wattles increase infiltration, add roughness, reduce erosion, and help retain eroded soil on the slope. Straw Wattles should be effective for a period of one to two years, providing short term protection on slopes where permanent vegetation will be established to provide long term erosion control.


  • Webbing/Netting: UV Stabilized Synthetic Net
  • Tensile Strength Yield: MN-TS-003-06: 5.0 lbs/Strand
  • Tensile Strength Load: MN-TS-003-06: 5.4 lbs/Strand
  • Stretch Width: MN-TS-001-95: 17.0 inches +/-0.50
  • Width: MN-TS-002-95: 10.5 grams/linear foot +/-0.50
  • Elongation: MN-TS-003-06: 156%
  • Colour: Brown

Available as:

Part #SW0925 – Weed-Free Certified Standard Straw Wattle 9” x 25’, 12 pc per pallet (pallet only)
Part #SW1220 – Weed-Free Certified Standard Straw Wattle 12” x 20’, 12 pc per pallet (pallet only)


Stakes or sod staples can be used to anchor the Spring Berm in place. Please contact us with your requirements.