Super-Sorb Instant Absorbent

Super-Sorb Instant Absorbent


Turn liquids into solids for a much easier clean-up! The powerful Super-Sorb formula can absorb 60 times its weight immediately, and up to 400 times its weight within 2 minutes. Simply sprinkle a little Super-Sorb over a major spill or liquid mess and watch as it absorbs so you can then simply sweep away.



  • Absorbs 60 times its’ own weight in liquid
  • Instantly absorbs any liquid mess and transforms it into a manageable gel
  • Effective on urine, blood, vomit and liquid spills
  • Simple to use – just sprinkle on liquid, then sweep up gel
  • Biodegradable cellulose base
  • Contains microbiocide to prevent spoilage
  • Low cost
  • Pleasant lemon fragrance

Available as:

Part # 17128 – Super-Sorb Instant Absorbent, 12 oz Shaker – Clearance price CA$8.94/ea