Tigerfloc Flocculant Belts/Socks

Tigerfloc Flocculant Belts/Socks

Tigerfloc Flocculant Belts/Socks perform better than any other belts/socks/cartridges on the sediment control market today!! They not only work well on turbidity, but also remove heavy metals and hydrocarbons from your waste water.


Other flocculant belts/socks/cartridges work well within their pH and temperature ranges, but the Tigerfloc Flocculant Belts/Socks work under all pH and temperature ranges.

Flocculant Belts/Socks are comprised of sewn nylon mesh with four x ½ lb. sealed pouches of Tigerfloc inserted along the length. A nylon loop fastened at top allows for attachment ease to hooks, carabiners, string, etc. For optimal performance maintain Tigerfloc belt/sock hydration at all times.

Place in water flow where turbidity, heavy metals, or hydrocarbons exist to accelerate particle deposition (i.e. sediment ponds, swales, pumped water). Use these Tigerfloc Flocculant Belts/Socks in the same method you would use a Chitosan Sock, and get better results!!

Each Tigerfloc Flocculant Belt/Sock is 36” (L) x 5.5” (W) x 2” (H)

Available as:

Part #TF-01 – Tigerfloc Flocculant Belt/Sock, each
Part #TF-02 – Tigerfloc Flocculant Belt/Sock, 5/bx