Transformer Containment Bag™ – Pole Mount

Transformer Containment Bag™ – Pole Mount

The Transformer Containment Bag™ (TCB), manufactured by Andax Industries, provides complete access to the transformers manufacturer’s lifting lugs and complete containment for the transformer, ensuring OSHA Compliance while lifting, moving and storing transformers and DOT Compliance while transporting. The TCB’s ease of use provides line crews with access to the transformer, while contained, so crew members can perform maintenance such as removing oil, testing procedures and documentation. In 2022, Andax enhanced the Transformer Containment Bag™ (TCB) by adding the Bag it n’ Tag it™ identification label.

Play the video below to watch how easily Transformer Containment Bags are deployed:



The Bag it n’ Tag it™ label provides easily accessible product usage guides, simplifies communication and the flow of information, and reduces labor costs by helping to eliminate the need to open the contained transformer to view its identification tag.

The Bag it n’ Tag it™ label features an illustrated product usage guide as well as a QR code to view a video guide on a smartphone for a quick training refresher in the field. Offering the guidance in a video format provides further detail on the process of using the bag, while also appealing to audio and visual learners.

The bottom portion of the tag is a write-on, self-adhesive removable label. The Bag it n’ Tag it™ label allows crews to note important details about the transformer on the exterior of the bag, so line crews do not have to open or reach into the bag to view the ID plate later. This also reduces the chance of line crews being exposed to hazardous PCBs and/or messy mineral oil.

The transformer can be encapsulated for storage by pulling the attached, clear, flexible duffle, up over the transformer. Once the duffle is cinched closed, it is a 100% weatherproof containment solution for outdoor storage. Should the transformer need to be moved or sorted while being stored, the line crews have complete access to the manufacturer’s lifting lugs through the integrated lower access ports. The TCB ensures line crews can safely and confidently move a balanced, secure load in 100% compliance with OSHA regulations.


  • Allows for 100% OSHA Compliant Lifting
  • Allows for 100% DOT Compliant Transportation
  • *NEW* Bag it n’ Tag it™ identification label
  • Primary and Secondary Reinforced Access Lug Openings
  • Durable Construction
  • Contains Leaking Transformers
  • Complete Outdoor Weatherproof Storage System
  • Made in the USA
  • US Patents 10,266,307 and 11,358,753

Available as:

Part #TCB-2024-OB – Transformer Containment Bag – 5-15 kVA (20” dia. x 33.25” H)
Part #TCB-2434-OB – Transformer Containment Bag – 20-50 kVA (24” dia. x 39.25” H)
Part #TCB-3640-OB – Transformer Containment Bag – 75-167 kVA (36” dia. x 42.50” H)
Part #TCB-4652-OB – Transformer Containment Bag – 167+ kVA (46” dia. x 44.50” H)