Tri-Pac Portable Hazmat De-Con Shower

Tri-Pac Portable Hazmat De-Con Shower

The complete Andax Tri-Pac™ Portable Hazmat De-Con Shower gives much more flexibility to adapt to any specific incident.

Disrobe, De-Con, Re-robe

The complete Andax Tri-Pac Portable Hazmat De-Con Shower is an ideal a multi-station hazmat decontamination system. In a matter of minutes, a three-stage portable hazmat de-con shelter is ready to use. Victims can disrobe in the first shower, be decontaminated in the middle shower, and finally re-robe in the last shower.


Mass Hazmat Decontamination Shower

In cases of mass decontamination, the complete Tri-Pac Portable Hazmat Shower gives much more flexibility to adapt to any specific hazmat incident:

  • Ability to place Hazmat De-Con showers at multiple evacuation points
  • Victims will not have to wait to be decontaminated at a single de-con station, and instead will flow in a quick and organized fashion to multiple hazmat decontamination stations
  • Option to separate male and female victims, hazmat personnel and civilians, or casualties by degrees of prioritization
  • Ability to pre-stage Portable Hazmat De-Con Showers in areas where large numbers of people gather, such as airports, stadiums, shopping malls, amusement parks, etc.

The Tri-Pac Portable Hazmat De-Con Shower Contains:

  • (3) Structural Frames with Self-Erecting Auto Roof (1 with integrated shower)
  • (3) Replaceable Liners with 2” Built-in Drain
  • (6) Privacy Doors
  • (3) Warm Air Induction Ports
  • Gravity Flow Bag
  • Stake Kits
  • Carry Bags


  • Breaks down for easy storage
  • Built to last
  • Customizable
  • Heavy-duty
  • Lightweight
  • No inflation or electricity needed
  • Offers victim privacy
  • Ready to use in minutes
  • Replaceable liner
  • Manufactured in the USA

Available as:

Part #DCP-050-3-G – Tri-Pac Portable Hazmat De-Con Shower, 5’ x 5’ x 8.75’ H, 59 lbs, each section