Triage Tarps

Husky® Triage Tarps are used for identification in triage areas at mass casualty incidents. Use Triage tarps to categorize patients/victims quickly and easily by severity of injury. Triage tarps are not disposable. They are constructed from vinyl coated nylon for many years of use and are NFPA701 certified fire resistant.

All of the hems are double stitched, and triple reinforced with #4 solid brass grommets to use as tie downs or suspension points. The base fabric or “scrim” has a “Rip Stop” quality that eliminates tearing.

Triage tarps come as a set of four 10′ x 12′ 10oz PVC tarps of different colours. A red storage bag with webbed handles and “Triage Tarps” stenciled on the side is included. The tarp colours are as follows:

  • Black Tarp – Used to categorize Deceased victims
  • Green Tarp – Used to categorize Minor victims
  • Red Tarp – Used to categorize Major victims
  • Yellow Tarp – Used to categorize Delayed victims

Triage Tarps can also be used as Zone Tarps for designating zones in a decontamination corridor or other response areas.


From custom sizing, to custom labeling and lettering, Husky can make your emergency staging tarp to your exact specifications. Need to be able to find your tarp in the dark? Ask about adding our Reflective Edge lining to your staging tarp!

Never struggle to see your tarps at night again! The Reflective Edge® is an optional strip of reflective material sewn to the outer edges of the tarps to help firefighters and other emergency personnel see them more easily at night. When any light is shining its way, The Reflective Edge® acts just like reflective lettering and becomes very visible. Tarps easily disappear at night and in the heat of the moment, reflective edges are an added safety measure.

Available as:

Part #TT-1012 – Triage Tarps-4 tarps (Red, Ylw, Green, Blk), 10’ x 12’ 10oz PVC w/ Bag
Part #HTV-10×12 10v (Black) – Triage Tarp, 10’ x 12’, 10oz PVC, Black
Part #HTV-10×12 10v (Green) – Triage Tarp, 10’ x 12’, 10oz PVC, Green
Part #HTV-10×12 10v (Red) – Triage Tarp, 10’ x 12’, 10oz PVC, Red
Part #HTV-10×12 10v (Yellow) – Triage Tarp, 10’ x 12’, 10oz PVC, Yellow