Truck Spill Kit

Truck Spill Kit

The Truck Spill Kit is suited to operators of logging trucks, semi trucks, heavy equipment and more. It comes in a high visibility, water/oil resistant, sturdy nylon bag with zippered closure and carry handles. This kit works well for job applications bigger than a Vehicle Spill Kit, yet it still easily fits behind the seat.


Available as:

Part #TSK – Truck Spill Response (approx. absorption capacity 37 litres/8 gal.):

24 – sorbent oil pads
2 – small oil pillows
2 – small oil socks
1 – instant stop leak
1 – disposal bag
1 – pair reusable nitrile gloves

Dimensions: 20″L x 4″W x 22″H
Approximate weight: 10 lbs

***Note: This spill kit can also be made with universal sorbents, hazmat sorbents or a combination of sorbents according to your requirements. Contact us for more information.***