Ultra-Drum Funnel® – Burp-Free Model

Ultra-Drum Funnel® – Burp-Free Model

The Ultra-Drum Funnel Burp-Free Model is for use with closed-head or tight-head drums. It screws into the drum’s 2-inch bung and provides a large pouring target.

The built-in venting system allows liquids to be poured without any splashing or “burping”.


Product Highlights:

  • Threaded brass insert screws into 2″ drum bung.
  • All-polyethylene construction won’t rust or corrode – provides excellent chemical resistance.
  • Hinged, lockable lid prevents unauthorized access.
  • Larger style provides bigger pouring area and easy access.

Available as:

Part #0651 – Ultra-Burp-Free Funnel, Standard, 13.3” dia. x 11” (buttress threads)
Part #0656 – Ultra-Burp-Free Funnel, Large, 22” dia. x 11.5” NPT (National Pipe Thread)

The Ultra-Drum Funnel, Burp-Free Model is designed for a 2″ NPT bung and does not come with any additional adapters. Adapters for IBC or other containers with different sized bungs or thread types will need to be obtained separately.