Ultra-Curb Guard Plus

Ultra-Curb Guard Plus

Streetside curb inlets can see a lot of stormwater. So any product designed to filter the water coming into one needs two important features: (1) the ability to handle large volumes of water and (2) the ability to stay in place when #1 happens.

We designed the Ultra-Curb Guard Plus to withstand the substantial amount of rainwater that curb inlets often receive. The heavy-duty foam inserts wedge securely into the inlet ensuring the unit stays in place. The polypropylene material, X-Tex absorbent, and engineered design of the product allow it to filter large amounts of water without ponding or flooding.


Product Highlights:

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Modular design-build to any length.
  • Units can be quickly and easily connected to form longer lengths.
  • Wedge-shaped, heavy-duty foam secures unit in curb inlet.
  • Woven, polypropylene material provides high flow rate — will not cause ponding or flooding.

Available as:

Part #9248 – Ultra-Curb Guard Plus, 36 x 4 x 4″ H, 1 gal cap., 28 GPM, 6 lbs
Part #9251 – Ultra-Curb Guard Plus, 48 x 4 x 4″ H, 1.4 gal cap., 37.3 GPM, 8 lbs

Note: The foam wedges that hold the product in place makes its overall depth 10″ (254 mm).