Ultra-Oil Blanket

Ultra-Oil Blanket

Booms absorb or contain spills on the open water. But when spills spread to the shoreline the Ultra-Oil Blanket is a perfect complement to booms. The absorbent material (Ultra-X-Tex) “tumbles” in the surf absorbing oil and preventing it from reaching the shore.

Ultra-X-Tex is a patented hydrophilic (water attracting) and lipophilic (oil attracting) material made of recycled synthetic fibers. The fibers are blended and processed to form a lightweight fiber mass with enormous surface area and interstitial spaces. These properties make Ultra-X-Tex an extremely high performing oil sorbent and filter material.


Product Highlights:

  • Install in the surf along beaches and shorelines to absorb oil spills before they can make it to land.
  • Large, 10’-long x 5′-wide section of Ultra-X-Tex quickly removes oil and other hydrocarbons.
  • The blanket will “tumble” in the surf and remove oil from water as it passes by and thru the filtering fabric.
  • Ultra X-Tex has the unusual benefit of being able to pull out emulsified oils which are created in the pounding surf as well as by dispersants used on the oil slicks offshore.

Available as:

Part #5206 – Ultra-Oil Blanket Surf Model, 10’ x 5’, 8.3 usg absorption cap.
Oil Blanket with 25’ tethers and (2) 36” wooden stake anchors

Part #5207 – Ultra-Oil Blanket, Replacement Oil Blanket, 10’ x 5’, 8.3 usg absorption cap.
Oil Blanket, Replacement. No tethers or anchors