Ultra-Oil Filter Boom® Skirted Model

Ultra-Oil Filter Boom® Skirted Model

Most booms are designed to float on the water and absorb or contain the oil that’s on the surface. That makes sense since most of the oil will be on the surface. But what about the oil that is below the surface?

With larger spills, there will also be subsurface oil. The Ultra-Oil Filter Boom, Skirted Model uses X-Tex material to remove oil both at and below the surface.


Product Highlights:

  • Made with Ultra-X-Tex material – allows water to instantly filter through the material and pulls off the oil selectively as the material is lipophilic.
  • The weighted skirt (34″) hangs below the boom capturing any oil that is underwater but close to the surface.
  • Multiple booms can be connected for long, continuous runs and easy deployment/retrieval.
  • Unique material removes emulsified oil and dispersants.

Available as:

Part #5240 – Ultra-Oil Filter Boom Skirted Model, 13’ x 60”, 11 usg absorption, 32 lbs