Ultra-Open Head Funnel

Ultra-Open Head Funnel

The Ultra-Open Head Funnel, is a 100% polyethylene (LLDPE) drum funnel that can be used on 55-gallon open-head steel or poly drums to make discarding oil or other liquid contaminants both easy and safe.


Securely replaces drum lid to allow convenient access for pouring contaminated liquids, collecting soaked rags or other soiled absorbents.

Product Highlights:

  • Molded base fits securely to drum
  • Thumb screws tighten quickly
  • The lid of the open head model funnel can be locked to the body of the funnel using a standard padlock or zip tie. The funnel is secured to the drum using thumbscrews.

Available in:

0460 – Ultra-Open Head Funnel (For drums 22 1/4″ – 23 1/2″ dia.)