Ultra-X-Tex has a variety of uses as it pertains to stormwater and clean-up applications. It is made of a proprietary blend of fibers that are treated and naturally absorb oils and greases from water while allowing water to flow through the material. Ultra-X-Tex will hold onto the oils and greases and will not release them back into the water.

Ultra-X-Tex material is also an exceptional tool for oil spill clean-up. The rolled fabric is different than polypropylene in that it allows water to instantly filter through the material and pulls off the oil selectively as the material is hydrophilic. Polypropylene repels the water, and this can make it take longer for the oil to be readily absorbed in a surf environment where the oil is no longer a surface sheen, rather it is being broken up in the surf.

Note: X-Tex material is designed for the absorption of hydrocarbons and will not absorb synthetics.


Product Highlights:

  • Produced from recycled synthetic fibers.
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, materials are blended and processed into a lightweight fiber mass with an enormous surface area and interstitial spaces creating a high-performance sorbent and filter media.
  • Designed for use as a durable long-lasting geotextile and filter media.
  • Allows large volumes of water to pass through while sorbing liquid hydrocarbons, including petroleum, animal and vegetable oils.
  • Cost effective—absorbs an average of 13 times its own weight of liquid hydrocarbons.
  • Great for use in oil/water separators, stormwater and wastewater filtration systems and water “polishing” applications.
  • Approximately 85-90 % of sorbed oils can be reclaimed from Ultra-X-Tex and the media reused.
  • Ultra-X-Tex is environmentally benign and user-friendly. It does not leach harmful substances into the environment and when incinerated produces minimal residue or ash.

Available as:

Part #9310 – Ultra-X-Tex, 5’ x 250′ roll, 1.5 usg yd2 absorption, 125 lbs
Part #9314 – Ultra-X-Tex, 2.5’ x 250′ ½ roll, 1.5 usg yd2 absorption, 63 lbs