University Poly-Drum Funnel

University Poly-Drum Funnel

Universal Poly-Drum Funnel fits both closed-head and open-head 55-gallon drums and other containers.

  • Easy pouring
  • Scalloped, high sidewall design minimize splash and prevent containers from resting in their own liquids


3004-YE – Universal Poly-Drum Funnel

Universal Poly-Drum Safety Funnel is the same as the Universal Poly-Drum Funnel, but also includes a non-sparking safety bung closure with a flame arrestor. Ideal for flammable liquids.

3004-YE-SF – Universal Poly-Drum Safety Funnel

Poly-Pail Funnel mounts to 3.5, 5, and 6-gallon tight-head pails. Also fits open-top pails with a 12″ diameter.

3005-YE – Poly-Pail Funnel

Poly-Pail Funnel Cover for use with a product no. 3005-YE.

3051-YE – Poly-Pail Funnel Cover

Poly-Drum Topper is a drum topper that snaps directly onto any 55 gallon open or closed-head drum to keep out debris and protect drum tops.

3065-BK – Poly-Drum Topper