Are you searching for a reliable car or truck gun rack or police car seat organizer for law enforcement or protection purposes? Look no further than the vehicle gun storage solutions from Tufloc


As a top manufacturer of vehicle firearm storage, a variety of vehicle gun rack options to choose from. Whether you want your vehicle rifle mount to be overhead, on the floor or in the trunk, our products are the perfect addition to any military or police vehicle. Gun rack equipment must be made with resilient materials and offer a tight, secure grip on the firearm while simultaneously allowing the capability to quickly remove the gun in emergency situations. That’s why different means of manufacturing are used, such as turning and milling, to ensure the best quality. If you’re an officer, military personnel or individual with a concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit, order a gun holder for your vehicle today.

Mounts are gun type specific.

Available as:

  • Roll Bar Mount
  • Screen Mount
  • Overhead Mount
  • Trunk Mount
  • Vertical Mount
  • Dual Vertical Mount
  • Floor Mount
  • Muzzle Down Mount

Please contact our office for assistance in meeting your specifications.