Wrappon Green Portable Toilet

Wrappon Green Portable Toilet

The Wrappon Green is a compact and lightweight anodized aluminum portable toilet that uses a proprietary continuous roll of 5-layer film to hermetically seal waste and odor in individual polyethylene bags, no sewer or water necessary. This leaves you with a clean and sanitary environment after every flush. The Wrappon utilizes a special super absorbent coagulating powder to deodorize and decontaminate the waste.

Weighing approximately 12 kg, the Wrappon can fold up to about the size of a carry-on suitcase, making it easy to take to a remote site or store it for emergencies/disaster situations. Normally powered by 110V AC, during an emergency it can be powered by battery, the 12V DC outlet from your car/boat/camper, or with a solar powered option.

The Wrappon is the safe and portable alternative to the more common off-grid propane toilet. It is one of the most cost-effective, long-term, sanitary solutions for remote sites. The Wrappon Green portable toilet can be used in nearly every situation whether that be an emergency, a day on the boat, a fun outing with you family, or for the convenience of an elderly or injured loved one.


The Wrappon Film Roll cartridge is a patented 5 layer design of polyethylene plastic film and deodorizing resins that allow the Wrappon Toilet system to function. The film has unique sealing properties that allow it to permanently seal waste material, locking in all odours. The film also acts as the toilet “bowl” and because it is fed through the toilet after each flush a new, clean bowl is loaded in between each use. The film roll comes with approximately 50 flushes per roll and is marked “STOP” when the roll nears the end so the operator knows when it is time to replace.

The Wrappon Coagulating Powder is a dry powder mixture that is added to the toilet bowl of the Wrappon Toilet prior to each use. This powder coagulates any liquid in the bowl and provides an extra safeguard for keeping waste contained. The Coagulating Powder contains a deodorizing agent to work in conjunction with the Wrappon Film Roll to ensure that no odour escapes the sealed waste pouch. The Coagulating Powder comes in a box of 50 individual use packets that easily tear open and can be placed into the toilet bowl after the contents are emptied.


  • Boats
  • RVs
  • Cabins/Cottages
  • Construction Sites
  • Tower Cranes
  • Mining
  • Elderly Care/Nursing
  • Field camps and fields hospitals
  • Military operations
  • First Responders/ Disaster Recovery

Available as:

Part #GRESE0001UH – Wrappon Green Portable Toilet, 17.34 x 18.125 x 10.625” H, 26.4 lbs, AC110v or DC12v
Part #C0F150C1B – Film Roll with Deodorizing Resin (approx. 50-55 uses)
Part #C0C0P001J – Polymer Coagulant