XBOOM Floating Fence (boom)

XBOOM Floating Fence (boom)

The newest technology in oil/containment boom in the last 40 years!

Canadian Floating Fence Corporation’s XBOOM Floating Fence is a fully patented technology comprising of supported polypropylene mesh filters which are capable of separating water and oil and withstanding the forces of surrounding wind and waves durably.

The XBOOM filters large and small floating objects, bitumen and crude oil and other waterborne debris.

This versatile technology is an effective hydrocarbon spill containment tool on rivers, lakes or oceans amidst wind and water currents, diverting and ultimately containing the effluent in preparation for skimming and recovery.

How does the XBOOM work? The patented ballasted vertical spars keep the filter mesh system in a stable upright position in all wind, current and wave actions.


The XBOOM can ‘filter’ (using various hybrid mesh weaves) matter such as aquatic plant life (algae blooms), floating debris (tsunami), jet ‘A’-diesel-bitumen and bunker ‘C’ crude and other waterborne debris.

XBOOM excels in containing oil/tar balls, silt, organics, and surface debris. This boom is also ideal for capturing waterborne construction, tailing or settling pond biomass (organics). XBOOM is a superior barrier for surface and sub-surface containment requirements and can ideally be used in deep water or silt-based operations and recovery.

The system utilizes our newest heavy duty AQUAPADZ- a replaceable hybrid mesh that separates and contains hydrocarbons.

All components are rated high tensile strength, UV resistant and chemically inert.


  • Compact storage
  • Length: 15m – 65m connectable sections for easy deployment and fast recovery.
  • Mesh: recyclable
  • Floatation utilizing: vertical spars
  • Hardware: stainless steel, HPDE, aluminum
  • Ballast: composite weights
  • Connectors: ASTM compliant

Four types of floating fence are available:

X-Boom Class 1 Tsunami Debris Fence
X-Boom Class 2 Oil/Silt Fence
X-Boom Class 3 Arctic Hydrocarbon Fence
X-Boom Maritime Security Barrier

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