Xtreme Shell™

Xtreme Shell™

Shut downs are expensive, especially when they are unplanned. The Andax Xtreme Shell™ Pipe Flange Containment System is a complete solution for fast and easy containment of a leaking flange, valve or any other connection point.

The Xtreme Shell™ consists of a top and bottom shell that fastens around the pipe and flange, preventing dirt and debris from contaminating the leaking fluids. The Xtreme Shell™ is manufactured in the USA to ANSI Pipe & Flange Standards to fit precisely over the leaking flange or valve in your system.

Play the video below to watch how easily Xtreme Shell is deployed:


A hose diverts leaks into a secure, secondary containment vessel. A standard 10-gallon storage unit is included with the system.

Add the Remote Monitoring System (RMS) to your system to provide measurements of contained fluid levels remotely. The RMS features a GPS, durable protective enclosure, Class I Division 2 rating and long battery life.

Features of the Xtreme Shell™ Pipe Flange Containment System:

  • A complete containment solution for leaking flanges, valves or connection joints
  • Fast and easy to install – just place it over the flange or valve and secure
  • Virtually eliminates the need for shut downs or emergency repairs
  • Helps keep your facility safe and in compliance
  • Indoor/Outdoor use (long-term UV-resistance)
  • Reusable
  • Impact resistant to -20°
  • Handles fluids up to 200°
  • Oil and chemical-resistant
  • Designed for Class 150 pipe and flange
  • Optional containment capacities available
  • Custom design capabilities available
  • US Patent 9,279,532
  • CA Patent 2,877,313
  • Flame-resistant

Andax Xtreme Shell™ Pipe Flange Containment System Options

Part# Pipe Diameter (NPS) Flange Diameter
XSC-15008-A59 .25 in (8mm) 3.375 in
XSC-15015-A59 .5 in (15mm) 3.5 in
XSC-15020-A59 .75 in (20mm) 3.875 in
XSC-15025-A59 1 in (25mm) 4.25 in
XSC-15032-A59 1.25 in (32mm) 4.625 in
XSC-15040-A59 1.5 in (40mm) 5 in
XSC-15050-A59 2 in (50mm) 6 in
XSC-15065-A59 2.5 in (65mm) 7 in
XSC-15080-A59 3 in (80mm) 7.5 in
XSC-15090-A59 3.5 in (90mm) 8.5 in
XSC-150100-A59 4 in (100mm) 9 in
XSC-150125-A59 5 in (125mm) 10 in
XSC-150150-A59 6 in (150mm) 11 in
XSC-150200-A59 8 in (200mm) 13.5 in
XSC-150250-A59 10 in (250mm) 16 in
XSC-150300-A59 12 in (300mm) 19 in


**All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product shape and size may vary.**