Spill Response Training

Rocky Mountain Environmental has extensive experience in developing and delivering spill response seminars for both industry and government.  Our past clients include various levels of government, mining, oil and gas, and private industry.

This one-day course is designed to familiarize attendees with recommended procedures and equipment that may be utilized in the event of a spill occurring.  It is the intent that practical solutions will be discussed to spill-related problems that may been encountered at the attendees’ job sites.

Certificate will be issued.

  • Introduction
  • Spill prevention
  • Identification of typical spill sources
  • Spill response planning
  • Spill notifications (internal/external) & documentation
  • Initial actions/safe approach to a spill
  • Spill site safety
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Spill site safety equipment
    • Spill site work zones
    • Spill site health & safety plan/briefings
  • Material properties (MSDS & emergency response guidebook)
  • Fate & behavior of spills
  • Response management organization
  • Response strategies & tactics (open-water & winter seasons) for spills
    • In facility (from processes, drums, tanks & transfers)
    • Onto permeable surfaces (soil, sand, gravel, snow, etc)
    • Onto non-permeable surfaces, including highways and ice
  • Into ditches, culverts and streams (open-water & ice-covered)
  • Decontamination procedures
  • Waste management considerations